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Where does the sudden love of Toisan and desire to spread the good language come from? It stems from my childhood, to which I vividly remember conversing with my grandmother. I can still feel the effects of the spit-filled words and funny dialect that no one else could decipher.

Although my Chinese consists mostly of Cantonese, I still love a good conversation in Toisan. However, I have noticed that the language is dying and I am determined to keep it alive. How am I doing this? Most of my friends have relatives with a Toisan background and can understand the language. I speak as often as I can in Toisan to these friends, most notably Christopher Dea. They laugh when I converse with them in Toisan but they will only respond in English. They don't want their Toisan to be heard.

Therefore, I've come up with a great idea. If the good language will not be spoken, it can be expressed on a t-shirt! This will keep Toisan on the map. PLUS, wearing these shirts will bring all sorts of Toisan brothers and sisters together, especially the closeted Toisanese (you know who you are!). Imagine wearing a Toisan Lives t-shirt and meeting someone from the same village as you!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cleaning House

As Toisan folk, we all know what this represents. I know it brings back funny yet very painful memories but most of us are better for it now. While the sting still resonates, and the memories of the loose feathers lie on the ugly green carpet after seeing the feather duster in action, I will always attribute my fear of authority to my upbringing.

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1 comment:

  1. You are lucky all you tasted was a feather duster. LoL. I got yardsticks and leather belts in my time; and bare bottoms *waaaaaa